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Located in Seabee Park in Abilene Texas. We have a great location with easy access and some of the best facilities in West Texas. We have a 400' concrete runway, covered pits, setup tables, electricity in pits and a generous paved parking lot. Our club supports a variety of RC interest with our members having a wide range of skills and abilities. Many of our members are long time flyers and will give help and advice just for the asking.

Come join our club.  Our club meetings are held at 7:00PM the first Thursday of every month at the Ben E. Keith Co. located at 2139 Cottonwood street, Abilene TX 79601.

Our club dues are just $30.00 per year which includes access to electricity at the field, club events and raffles.

           2016 Abilene Chopper Madness         16-18 September

Featuring Kyle Dahl, Nick Maxwell and Ben Storik

2015 Abilene Chopper Madness Pilots:

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Abilene Mall Static Display - Thanks to all that participated!

2015 Abilene Chopper Madness 3D Demo Flight Videos

Checkout Sea Bee Park - Lake Fort Phantom is full!

Abilene Chopper Madness in the news. Checkout the videos from last year's Abilene Chopper Madness:

Watch the YouTube Video of the "Gems" from the 2012 Abilene Chopper Madness Fun Fly.

KTXS news. Our club president, James Johnson, discusses the growing "drone situation". The interview covers concerns of these unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as our hobby. "Fly Responsibly" Checkout the Stingray 500 Quad-copter below fly 3D. This model built by Luis Malave and flown by the designer himself, Curtis Youngblood.

"Jamie Robertson is in the house!"  Yes, the awesome pilot, Jamie Robertson performed many 3D demos during the 2012 Abilene Chopper Madness Fun Fly.

  • Bring your night gear and join us on 19-20 October.
    Bring your night gear and join us on 19-20 October.

Come and see the latest and greatest 3D Planes and Helicopter Models flying over Seabee Park in Abilene Texas.  Join us late at night as we take to the sky with our night flying Helis and Stryker Foamies.

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