Abilene RC Society

Seabee Park
Abilene Texas

2016 Abilene Chopper Madness

         September 16, 17 and the 18th

Featuring: Pilot Kyle Dahl - Mikado Factory Pilot 

Ben Storick - Align Factory Pilot

Tim Jones - Cyclone

Jason Bell - AMain Hobbies

Mikado VControl Radios at Abilene Chopper Madness

A huge thanks to Georges Van Gansen from Scorpion for his generous donations to Abilene Chopper Madness

Anson Hargrove - First Place Autorotation

Ryan Witchey - Second Place Autorotation

Jason Bell - Third Place Autorotation

Luis and Robert attended this year's 2015 International Radio Control Helicopter Association (IRCHA). This was an extreme Heli event with over a 1000 pilots. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!!!

Luis and Ulrich during the Team Mikado USA photo shoot.

Ulrich, Ralph and Luis during the Team Mikado photo shoot.

Bryan Barrow, Ron, Jesse, Kyle and other Mikado pilots during the Team Mikado USA photo shoot.